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Kahn Software Downloads
Kahn Client Software

Note: Kahn is now a free service, all nag screens are removed in 1.3. Everyone using a pre-1.3 version of Kahn must upgrade to 1.3 or you may have problems using the new server!

Kahn does not currently work on Windows NT or Windows 2000. Please do not email us asking about NT/2000 support.
Filename: Downloads: Date: Size:
35,027 1/11/2001 659 KB
Kahn 1.3 for Windows 95/98/Millennium (ZIP file) (uses new IP address)
68,342 1/11/2001 866 KB
Kahn 1.3 for Windows 95/98/Millennium (Self-Extracting Installer) (uses new IP address)
kdos11.zip 2,434 1/5/1998 88 KB
Kahn 1.1 for MS-DOS (ZIP file)
merit.zip 749 4/22/2000 40 KB
Merit DOS PPP driver (required for DOS Kahn dialing)
Please read the Kahn 1.3 release notes before downloading.
Note: You do not need to download Kahn if you just wish to chat; you can simply IRC to kahncentral.net (port 6667) and /join #kahn.
Kahn Client Software Updates
Filename: Downloads: Date: Size:
tasklist.reg 3,117 10/31/2000 2 KB
Latest Kahn Control Center Task List
  • Adds Red Alert 2
  • games.txt 3,355 10/31/2000 4 KB
    Latest PCON games.txt
  • Adds Red Alert 2 detection
  • Kahn Server Binaries
    Filename: Downloads: Date: Size:
    kahnd10-bsd386.tar.gz 800 1/11/2001 44 KB
    kahnd10-linux-i386-libc6.tar.gz 1,511 1/11/2001 16 KB
    i386 Linux (libc6 ELF binary)
    kahnd10-linux-i386-coyote.tar.gz 415 1/11/2001 13 KB
    i386 Linux (Coyote ELF binary, libc 2.0.7, will also work on Eiger and other LRPs)
    *** Linux libc5 Kahn server removed due to a bug in libc5! *** *** ***
    kahnd10-linux-i386-static.tar.gz 842 1/11/2001 365 KB
    i386 Linux statically-linked binary
    kahnd11-win32.zip 8,869 3/26/2001 26 KB
    Win32 - This is an updated version that reports properly to the tracker, however it will no longer run as an NT service.
    kahnd10-sunos4.tar.gz 335 1/11/2001 13 KB
    Other Helpful Files
    Filename: Downloads: Date: Size:
    kahnserv.zip 2,747 3/19/2000 32 KB
    Kahn Services help file (covers NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, and OperServ)
    kahnd 1,188 7/1/2000 1 KB
    kahnd server Linux Init Script (by rootman)
    Source Code
    Filename: Downloads: Date: Size:
    kahn-tracker-0.1.tar.gz 377 7/12/2000 11 KB
    Kahn Tracker 0.1, total rewrite of Kahn tracker in Perl
    kahn-tracker-utils-0.2.tar.gz 465 3/19/2000 11 KB
    Kahn Tracker Utils 0.2, includes Perlbot plugin and web-based server/user script