Kahn Control Center User's Guide

Welcome to the Kahn help page. Here you can find all the information you need to get Kahn97 up and running on your system. First lets talk a little about system requirements:

  • Windows 95
  • Microsoft TCP/IP stack
  • A connection to the Internet

Once you have connected your system to the Internet, you are ready to start using Kahn.

Microsoft TCP/IP stack

Kahn uses Microsoft's stack in a high performance way and will not work with other TCP/IP stacks for Windows 95. Please make sure you have Microsoft's stack before you start using Kahn.

Kahn97 Main Screen

The following image shows the Kahn Control Center main screen, you should see this screen after Kahn97 starts.

The Server Tree

The tree contains all available servers and users logged into the Kahn network. Kahn breaks up the servers into those which have users logged into them, and those which are available for playing on. You can select any server and log onto it by clicking the connect button or click the right mouse button, and select connect from the menu.

Within the tree, you can also see the users logged into any server and what they are currently doing in the Kahn network. In normal display mode, the current application using Kahn is displayed in the tooltip window for a user. You can order the users by task if you select the Sort by Game/Task option from the menu available through using the right mouse button.


Kahn97 will display tooltips when you hold the mouse over servers or clients in the tree. For servers you will see:

  • IP Address of the server
  • Owner - if specified
  • URL - for more information on the server
  • Chat Server - the name or IP address of the IRC chat server

For clients you will see:

  • IP Address of the client
  • Current program using Kahn
  • Registration status
  • Operator status

Buttons in the Kahn Control Center

Connect/Disconnect Button

This button is used to connect and disconnect the client from the Kahn servers. You must be connected to a server in order to play games against other people on the Internet. After successully connecting to a server, you can now play IPX based mutliplayer games against others.


After connecting to a server, you can use this button to start the chat program to find other players. After Kahn is first installed, chat will automatically start right after you connect to a server. You can choose to manually start chat in the Advanced Settings dialog by unchecking the Run Chat on the Server Connect button.


Clicking this button will take you to the basic settings dialog. It is recommended that you go here at least once to change your nickname used in the Kahn network.


Will log you off of the server you are currently logged into and stop Kahn.


Will connect you with the StarGate Networks WWW site and open up the help html files for Kahn.

Status Box

The status box contains information about your system and the options used within Kahn. The options displayed within the status box are listed below.


This field indicates the connected status of Kahn. It will show logon and logoff progress when you try and connect with servers.

IP Address

This is the IP address of your system, you can also force Kahn to use an IP address in the Settings dialog.


The hostname of your system.


The Nickname shown to others in the Kahn network, you can change this in the Settings dialog.


The version of the Kahn Control Center.


This message comes from the logon process and will be from the login server.

Popup Menu

The following options are displayed in the Kahn tree windows when you right click the mouse on an item in the tree. The menu items that are enabled depend on the item selected with the mouse.

Connect to Server/ Disconnect

Select this option to connect to the currently selected server, or disconnect from the server you are logged into.

Refresh All

Will refresh all information contained in the tree including the servers and clients logged into them.

Refresh Selected

This option will only refresh the clients below the currently selected server.

Always in Active List

Setting this option on a server will make the server always appear in the Active list whether or not there are users logged into it. You can use this to select and manage a preferred list of servers.

Insert Server

You can add a server into the list manually through selecting the option and filling out the Insert Server dialog. Not all Kahn servers are displayed pubically in the tracker and you may need to add a private server to the list. You might also want to select Always in Active List on the servers you add.

Sort by Game/Task

Selecting this option will sort the users under every server by the current game or program using Kahn. Kahn keeps track of the last application that it has used, so when you start a game of Descent for instance, your game is reported to the server and others can see what you are doing. So if you select this option and there are others playing Descent, they will all be listed under a Descent element within the tree.

Start Local Server/Stop Local Server

Kahn contains a local server that you can use to play games against each other without connecting to a public Kahn server on the Internet.. You may also use the server locally on a private LAN to play IPX based games but if you planning on having more than 8 players in a game, we recommend using a dedicated server.

When a local server is running, they are private and not published in the tracker so you must inform others that you are starting a local server so they may connect to you.


You can search through the tree looking for servers, clients, and even games in progress using this option. Just select the start of the tree you want to search, select Find and then enter the text you are looking for. Kahn97 will find and highlight what you are looking for in the tree with the mouse. You can search the tree again for the same value by pressing F3 until you reach the end of the tree.


You can ping any element in the tree that has an IP address using this option. This ping is a true ICMP ping and the output of it is displayed in a simple dialog.


For Kahn version 1.0 servers, the owner can configure a URL that you can go to find more information. For instance if a NetMech Clan started their own server, they could publish a URL for it that you can easily access using this option.