Kahn Settings User's Guide

This dialog is used to change your settings in Kahn. The following options are available to you and if this is the first time you are using Kahn, you should at least change your Nickname.


This name is used as your identification to others in Kahn and must be unique on Kahn Servers. The default nickname is "YourNickName" and you should change it to something more meaningful to you. The name must be a string of characters that contains no spaces. This name will also be initially used in Chat and if you change your name in Chat using the /nick command, it will not affect this nickname.


The email address is displayed to others when they request user information about you from the server. We recommend that you fill this out with your real address.

IP Address

This is the current IP address being used by Kahn. You can override this address by entering a new address and selecting the Always use this IP Address option. The only reason you may need to do this is if Kahn is using the IP address of a LAN adapter instead of the IP address of your dial up adapter.

Registered Users Only

The following fields are provided for those who registered Kahn with StarGate. New users can ignore these fields.

Serial #

Enter the serial number exactly as it was provided to you by StarGate.


Enter the Name exactly as it was provided to you by StarGate.

Auth Code

Enter the Auth Code exactly as it was provided to you by StarGate.

Advanced Settings Dialog

This dialog as pictured below allows you to change the behavior of the Kahn Control Center.

Enable Compression

Kahn has the ability to compress the data contained in each network packet. You should leave this option on at all times unless you experience problems playing a specific game. If you turn it off, make sure that the other people you are planning to play games with do the same.

Run Chat on Server Connect

The Kahn Control Center will launch the chat program automatically on successfully connecting to a Kahn server. If you want to change this to a manual launch, uncheck this option.

IPX Winsock Support

Kahn will support both DOS and Win95 games that use IPX as their network transport. This option controls Winsock IPX support and you can enable and disable it with this checkbox.

Buffer Sends

This option will change the VxD buffer settings for outbound packets. Leaving this option on is the most high performance operation of Kahn, it will simulate a real LAN connection with regards to how the packets are sent. If you turn this off, then each packet will be sent in a more lock step fashion. It is highly recommended that you leave this turned on and only change it when directed to by StarGate support.

Send Socket Close

The VxD will send messages to the server every time an IPX socket is opened and closed. It is mainly used for games that are passive in listening for games (i.e. Su27 Flanker) but you can leave it enabled at all times for the best performance.