PCON Chat Client User's Guide

New features for Kahn chat

Version 1.2

  • Tabbed Window list
  • Improved Channel list
  • A number of bugs fixed

Version 1.1

  • New chat system based on IRC, allows more flexibility, more reliability
  • ALL Kahn server by default will share the same chat server!
  • Improved file transfers! (DCC standard)
  • Drag a file from Explorer into a chat window to offer it!
  • Clickable finger client (finger:user@host.com)
  • DCC Secure peer-peer chat
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes to chat client.
  • Integrated Descent Game monitoring!


PCon '97 Commands

Items in < > are required. Items in [ ] are optional.

/offer Make a file available for people to download. They can simply click on a file to download it without you having to send the file to them.
/deoffer Remove a file from download availability.
/showoffers Show all the files you have offered to people in chat.
/dcc chat <user> Request a secure direct chat session between you and another user. This is a straight connection between you and the other user, and doesn't go through the server.
/dcc send <user> <file> Send a file to another user.
/ctcp <user> <message> Send a CTCP message to another user (Semi-advanced IRC topic)
/notice <user> <message> Send a NOTICE message to another user (Semi-advanced IRC topic)
/ping <user> Sends a ping to check delay between you and another user through the chat server.
/tping <user> Sends a ping directly to another user, use this to see how your game performance will be.
/me Perform an action. Other users will see "/me is smiling" as "* YourNick is Smiling"
/who List all users in your channels (Goes to the server window)
/users Lists all users logged into the same Kahn server as yourself.
/join <#channel> Request to join a channel
/part <#channel> Leave a channel
/mode <#channel> <+/-mode> Set a channel mode (Semi-advanced IRC topic)
/mode <yournick> <+/-mode> Set a User mode (Semi-advanced IRC topic)
/topic [#channel] <Topic> Sets a topic on the channel (You usually must be a channel OP to do so.)
/kick [#channel] <user> Kicks a user from a channel (You MUST be a channel OP to do that.)
/away <message> Let everyone know you are away from your computer.
/away Let Everyone know you are back.
/nick <newnick> Change your nickname
/finger user@host.com Start the finger client
/quit [message] Quit PCon97
/list Get a list of channels
/help Gives you this URL

Please forward any Questions, Comments, Bugs, etc. to tiny@descent4.org


Getting Started with PCon97

Once PCon97 starts, it will automatically connect you to the Kahn IRC server. Once connected, you will see the Message of the Day (MOTD). The default channel will open, and you can begin chatting simply by typing in the input window. The Channel list on the right will show you other channels you might want to join. #kahn is by far the most popular, but other channels are usually devoted to specific games.

Channel/Window List

Using the Channel/Window list, you can quickly navigate from window to window with a single click. If you would like to join a channel that is listed (The channels shown are the defaults), simply double click!

Channel Userlist Popup Menu

Try selecting a user from the channel user list window, and clicking your right mouse button. The following menu will appear:

True Ping

True Ping will send a packet of data, using the same basic format as a game does directly to another player. This will tell you the amount of latency, or lag between you, and another user. This is useful for deciding how well a game will play with another user. For a 28.8 modem, 500ms is about average.

IRC Server Ping

Find the delay of sending a message from you to the server, to the selected user, and back through the server to you.

Send Message

This allows you to send a private message to another user.

Initiate Secure DCC Chat

This will initiate a secure connection between you and the other user (Provided they accept the request). All messages sent in this window will be sent directly from you to the other user, not going through the server at all.

Send File

Send a file to another user. A popup dialog asking you to choose the file will appear, and they will be given the choice on whether or not to accept the file.


Get information about that user. The information will appear in the server window.


If you don't know what to do with these, they are probably not enabled. :^)




From the Config screen, you can adjust several important settings.

Auto Log All Windows

Choosing this option will automatically log all text in all chat/message windows to a file. The filename will be the channel name, or the username, depending on whether the window is a channel window, or a private chat window.

Spam Filter

When the spam filter is enabled, you will not see a message that is identical to the previous message.

Private Chat Windows

This option will cause PCon97 to create a new window for each user with whom you send or receive a private message. When not enabled, private messages go to the server window.

Enable Profanity Filter

The profanity filter will filter out most profane words, but it isn't a guarantee that you won't see one. If someone is using profane language and you are offended by it, you might want to point that out to the operators, who can take action. StarGate Networks Operators make an effort to keep the kahn chat as family oriented as possible, but we can't be everywhere all the time.

Quit Message

This allows you to set a default message that is displayed when you quit PCon97.

Default Channel

This is the channel that is opened on first starting PCon97.

Chat Server

The IRC server to connect to. Change this if you know exactly why you are doing so.


The TCP port number for the Chat server you want to connect to. Again, only change this if you know exactly why you are doing so.


Here you can define various colors for different types of messages. Just push the appropriate button, choose a color, and it is now set.


Highlighting allows PCon97 to change the color it prints a line of text in, depending on the content of that line of text. From this dialog, first choose the color you want, then type in the word you want to trigger that color off of, and hit the '<<' button. If you want to change a color that is already set, first choose the word, then change the color.


This allows you to change the font that text is printed in. Just choose the font, and hit OK.

Function Keys

Here you can program in text to be automatically entered into the current input window whenever you press a certain function key. If you put in the word $USER, the currently selected user in that channel will be substituted automatically.