Forums IP Change
KahnCentral.net has moved to a new IP address,, effective 08/14/2002.

This will affect you! Please follow these easy steps to configure your copy of Kahn for the new IP:

  1. Close Kahn Control Center and PCON if they are running.
  2. Download newip.reg and save it to your Desktop. (If you are using Netscape you may have to right-click, and Save As.)
  3. Double-click the downloaded file, and answer Yes to the question.
  4. Restart Kahn.
SERVER OPERATORS NOTE: You will need to modify your kahnd97.ini file for the new IP. Change the Tracker line to read Tracker= After modifying the file, run killall -HUP kahnd97 to tell the server to reread the configuration file.

Please contact support by using the forums if you have any problems.